You Are Required To Produce A Project On A Topic Relating To Children’s Health: Child Health & Well Being FETAC Level 5 Assignment, OC, Ireland

You are required to produce a project on a topic relating to children’s health and well-being. This project must include primary research. For example, the topic could relate to child protection and how policies and procedures inform practice in this regard.

Performance Criteria:

Appropriate Planning

  • An introduction to your project
  • Background information to the chosen topic
  • Rationale of choice
  • Links made to relevant legislation and/or frameworks


  • Evidence of primary research
  • Evidence of secondary research

Evaluation of Findings

  • Appropriate evaluation of findings
  • Relationship to Child Health & Well Being
  • Clear links between chosen topic & child health and well being

Conclusions & Recommendations

  • Clear and appropriate conclusions drawn
  • Clear recommendations based on research

Personal Reflection

  • Ability to engage in reflexive practice
  • Evidence of linking reflection to workplace practice.
  • Insight into how chosen topic informs reflective practice
  • Appropriate referencing & bibliography.

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