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Apr 26, 2023
You are tasked to OBTAIN and REVIEW a public health research study or article on any disease of your interest that uses any of the epidemiological topics discussed in this course.


Learning Objective: To assess students’ understanding of the theory, concepts, and practical application of epidemiology in public health research as used in real-world projects.

Now, do the following:

Write a summary of no more than a one-page Word report on what the study or research is about, and discuss the part of the study covered in this course.
Your Word report should include:
Project Title (5 points)
Name (your program of study). E.g. Emily Isabel (Nursing)
Hypothesis or Objective(s) (10 points)
Brief Background of the study (must include some citation(s)) (15 points)
Main body (E.g. Highlight of data, study design, research method, statistical tool, or analysis conducted) (20 points)
Results or Findings of the study (20 points)
Conclusion (must be tied to the objective) (10 points)
Limitation(s) (From your point of view, what is/are the limitation(s) of the research study) (10 points)
Reference(s) (Reference the research study or article you reviewed along with a link and any other cited articles in APA reference format) (10 points)
Use 1″ Margin and 1″ Line Spacing Word report.
Submit a zipped file (the one-page report and the PDF article reviewed) by the due date 05/12 at 11:59 pm as an attachment.
Possible research article search tools: Google Scholar, PubMed, ResearchGate, CINAHL, MEDLINE, EBM Reviews, etc. Don’t use any site that asks you to pay!


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