You Are The Managing Director Of Wishy-Washy Tech Ltd. The Company Successfully Produces And Sells Washing Machines In South America: Strategic Management Assignment, ICD, Ireland

You are the Managing Director of Wishy-Washy Tech Ltd. The company successfully produces and sells washing machines in South America. However, the effects of globalization are strongly affecting the washing machine industry. This trend of increasing internationalization poses big, new challenges for the company.

You are responsible for the strategic realignment of the company. The Wishy-Washy Tech Ltd shareholders have formulated a clear vision for the company’s future growth strategy that they have named: “Going Global.”

You are not competing alone in the South American Market, but against several other washing machine manufacturers who are also breaking into new markets. There are manufacturers coming from the other 5 global economic regions that are also striving for internationalization in the future so you can expect their expansion to your home region.

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