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Oct 24, 2021

1. For each OSI layer, list the professional group that is responsible for that layers standard(s).

2. Describe, by device, how information from your computers keyboard at home gets to the Internet. Your answer should briefly describe each device and its function. Assignment Application Protocol Questions One

1. How does the Application level of the TCP/IP model map to the ISO/OSI model?

2. The primary difference between FTP and TFTP is user authentication. What is meat by the term user authentication?

3. Which of the mail protocols is used most often for sending mail between mail servers? V1.1 Test One

4. Which mail protocol would you use for receiving mail?

5. When you surf the World Wide Web, what protocol are you using?

6. If you are buying a product on Amazon or checking your bank balance online, what protocol should you be using?

7. Who created SSL?

8. What is TLS? Who created it?

9. List common Voice over IP (VoIP protocols.

10. Which protocol actually sends your voice across the network?

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