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Jan 16, 2022

     Managers have a responsibility to develop, implement and evaluate training plans in order that team members are given the knowledge and resources they need. To make sure all employees across an agency can provide person-centered care it is imperative for managers like yourself who lead these teams by example with their own behavior as well from afar via supervision or mentorship programs where needed; this includes providing proper orientation about what person-centered means when applied within our organizations approach towards delivering services which include workshops teaching staff how best deal one on behalf another (TPW).

In addition, there will always be future needs outside your control such as ensuring all employees are properly trained in the event of an emergency or childs death in care which is why it is also crucial to ensure staff can always turn to their managers for support in order to prevent additional stress on themselves and service users.

Managers need to know how they fit within organizational structures so that they may then be able to identify gaps where support is needed.

A manager needs to be able to identify the skills that are needed within the team, then develop a plan for how best to acquire those skills.

It can also involve ensuring that all staff has developed the attitudes and competence they need in order to work together as part of collaborative teams. Although this might not sound too difficult, it can be a real challenge to build teamwork skills and is very much based on the relationships between team members.Effectively, this is about getting the best from your team and ensuring that they are using their combined skills.

The solution or, developing a training plan may require collaboration with other parts of the organization such as colleagues in HRD who can help to develop learning opportunities for staff.

This leads us to the understanding that all things considered, we provide our employees the best opportunity to succeed when we ourselves also commit to learning how best to provide person-centered care both in theory and practice.

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