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Jan 16, 2022

This criterion requires you to demonstrate how you manage resources in order for reviews of an individuals preferences, wishes and needs to be valued with regard to achieving positive outcomes. Essentially this means managing both staff and money so that your organization can provide the necessary assistance needed by its clients while also supporting them on their journey toward personal growth.

Acknowledge The Importance Of Individual Preferences, Wishes, And Needs Of An Individual Within Achieving Personal Outcomes

In order to meet this requirement, you must acknowledge that it is important to take into account individuals preferences, wishes, and needs when trying to help them achieve their goals. As a leader of your organization, it is essential that you understand that your clients hold a wide range of different needs and these must be acknowledged in order to help them reach their goals.

In addition, the importance of respecting individual preferences, wishes, and needs cannot be understated as it is integral to helping individuals feel respected and valued within your organization. In essence, without respecting the personal wants and needs of individuals and building relationships with them based on trust and mutual understanding, you can never expect those people to help you achieve your goals as their leader.

This requirement is fairly straightforward but it requires specific actions from an individual that must be executed on a fairly regular basis. Its essential for any qualified social worker to understand how important treating each client as an individual is when helping them accomplish their goals.

Identify The Relevant Activities And Resources Needed To Support Individuals In Achieving Personal Outcomes

This criterion requires you to identify which activities and resources are necessary for supporting individuals on the road toward reaching their goals, while also valuing their own personal preferences, wishes, and needs. In order to meet this requirement, its essential that you have a wide range of resources available for your clients so that they can feel supported in their journey toward personal growth.

Working with individuals to accomplish their goals requires both financial and time resources. As an individual who is being entrusted with managing the resources of an organization, it is key that you understand the importance of having the financial and time resources necessary to accomplish your job successfully.

If youre not able to provide proper support for your clients, then its unlikely theyll be able to meet their goals with any sort of regularity. If they lack the financial or emotional support that they require then it will be difficult for them to remain motivated about achieving personal growth. This is why its important for each leader to have the necessary resources available in order to help their clients meet their goals.

Identify Sources Of Support That Are Available For Individuals Achieving Personal Outcomes

Having the necessary resources is only one side of meeting this criterion, you must also identify how your organization can provide support for your clients in order to help them meet their goals. Its important that you identify the level of support that each individual requires in order for their preferences, wishes, and needs to be met. This is particularly important if an individual lacks the necessary financial or emotional resources to reach his or her goals on their own.

People who lack financial resources usually need accommodations in order to meet their goals and people who lack emotional resources often benefit from the support of a peer group. In both cases, having the necessary support is crucial because it will help your clients feel as though they arent alone on their journey toward personal growth.

This criterion requires you to think deeply about how each client can be supported. You should ask yourself if any of your clients are likely to benefit from peer support if they need financial accommodations or educational resources, and how you can help them receive the necessary type of support so that their goals will be reached.

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