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Jan 12, 2022

Person-centered care is an approach to healthcare that places the needs, desires, and preferences of each individual at its core. This philosophy underpins everything from how we communicate with patients up until their final days on earth its about catering your service specifically for them so they feel heard throughout all stages.

A person may have very different values from you when considering treatment options but this does not make them any less worthy or able; instead, our job as health professionals should enable us to see beyond these differences in order to provide individuals greater control over what happens next.

Theories And Values Of Positive Practice Stem

Positive practice is a field of study that focuses on well-being and happiness at work. Theories are based around principles or beliefs about human behavior, while values can be defined as set standards. Understanding the values of person-centered outcome-based practice and why we practice this way can mean were able to provide a higher standard of care for those people.

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