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Apr 10, 2023
      • Module Code & Title :- 6008LBSBSC Strategic Corporate And  Project Finance
        Assessment Type :- Assignment Written Report
        Word Count :- 3000 words
        Company Background :-
        UK Oil Plc are involved in up stream oil exploration and production in the North Sea United Kingdom.
        6008LBSBSC Strategic Corporate And Project Finance Assignment – UK

        Last year’s Profit Before Tax was £500M and this level of profit is expected to continue from existing business at least in the short-term.

        Ordinary shareholders have previously received the following dividends:
        o 3 years ago – 5%
        o 2 years ago – 6%
        o 1 year ago – 6.5%

        Current Market Price Per Ordinary Share: £3.50

        Future Strategy :-
        The Board of UK Oil are considering their future strategy.

        Despite the challenges facing the sector declining UK oil reserves volatile oil prices pressure from US shale producers volatile demand coupled with a high cost base and environmental risks the Board feel they must invest in order to grow the business.

        The Board are willing to invest up to £350 million and require your evaluation of the following potential Project together with evidence based justified recommendations:

        The Development & Operation of a New Oil Reservoir in the North Sea

        Schedule of Activities, Immediate Predecessors & Durations (O = Optimistic, M = Most Likely, P = Pessimistic)

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