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Apr 03, 2023

Assignment 1: Yield Curves, Equities, Bonds, Efficient Market and the Capital Asset Pricing Model.Learning Outcomes of ACFI7012 Financial Markets & Institutions Assignment

  • Knowledge of Interest rate dynamics
  • Analysis of factors affecting the Yield Curve
  • Comprehension of the structure and functions of Debt Instruments and Shares as key asset classes
  • Application of Efficient Market Theory and evaluation of alternative investments using Capital Asset Pricing Theory

Objectives of ACFI7012 Financial Markets & Institutions Assignment

Your First Assignment is designed to assess your attainment of specific learning objectives from the first half of the module, weeks 1 to 6. The Assignment requires you to answer both objective computational questions as well as provide discursive interpretation of your results. You will be assessed for the correctness of your answers to objective components and the quality of your discursive response which may involve accessing and using a range of sources. In total, there are three questions with sub-parts. Each question is marked on the basis of 100% marks each. Together the three questions count 30% towards your overall grade for the Module.

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