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May 20, 2023
The first part of the assignment aims to guide us through realizing the
instrumentation and timbre of our songs.
A) Find out the meter.
B) 1. Find the time codes in your song that a specific instrument has an entrance or
2. Pay attention if any instrument consistently exists in the song.
3. draw lines ( make a graph) in association with any instrument. ( If you
understand that it is a string instrument but not recognizing it as violin, viola or
cello, that is fine! Just right Strings)
*. I have mentioned all the Drum set instruments in this assignment. That is an
ideal. You don’t need to have those ( Specially if it is a simple Pop or Rock song)
** Have in mind that I really want to see all the instruments in your graph
analysis. Do not miss one instrument. If you are hearing a “ noise” put it in the
graph as well.
C) The aim of the second part of this assignment is to realize the form; to realize the
changes that happens in the musical structure of your song. You just need to listen
more carefully.
The parts that your have divided as sections in part 1, are most probably the ones that
show us a musical change in the song. ( a change in the instrumentation, or in
harmony, or in melody) ! Assign alphabetical Letters to those sections. Letter A can be
for the first section; and the Letter B can be for the next section in which a musical
change happens.
( look at my analysis of ” Massive Attack – Silent Spring) Link : https://
I have also provided two extra form analysis of two songs by The Beetles. You can use
them as reference.
She Loves you :
I want to hold your hands :
For a reference, here is the video I have made for you to find what is Form: https://

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