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Apr 28, 2023

Question 1

Using examples from organizations that you have either worked for or researched including the case study define and contrast the nature of the change process that they faced and using relevant models from the course materials and/or your own wider reading, demonstrate the key drivers for change in each case.

Question 2

Focusing on one of the examples you described in Question 1 identify the key stakeholders. How might senior management have identified the main areas of support or resistance to any planned change? Discuss how resistance to change should have been ideally managed.

Question 3

Using an example of change from either your own experience or from your own research, evaluate how effectively you feel the change process was managed in terms of the issues that surrounded knowledge management, knowledge tracking, and knowledge migration. Justify your conclusions in terms of both the implementation process and the outcomes achieved.

Question 4

Compare and contrast any two models that help senior managers to diagnose and plan change in their organization. Discuss their role in supporting the success of such processes.

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