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Mar 21, 2023

Resourcing and Talent Planning (5RST) is the unit of the CIPD Level 5 that provides an understanding of the HR function to enhance workforce mobilisation. This unit focuses on ensuring that HR professional should be in a position to attract, recruit and retain the right individual to carry out the organizational roles to meet their goals. In attracting the right staff members within the organisation, learners have to learn different approaches and practices. In learning this unit, students develop their skills to incorporate approaches to ensure that they can select the right employees from the labour market.

Due to high labour market competition between the organizations, HR professionals should learn how to meet the recruitment goals to attract the right talent. Also, they have to ensure that every selected employee must support the growth of the organization. Thus, this unit teaches the right strategies towards recruitment and selection to make talented staff and provide an understanding of the succession planning for talent management to which contribute the organizational growth.

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