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May 13, 2023


Disorders related to mental health have become common cases in the United States of America. Researchshows that around 44 million among the adultpopulationand 14 million children areundergoing mental disorders. It has further been assessed that suicide has been ate the eighth position  in the list ofcauses of death  and  around 80 to 90 percent of the people are  dying as they are suffering from mental illness(Alonso et al., 2004). However,thefacts resulting to the disorders and mentalhealth such asschizophrenia, anxiety and bipolar diseaseare equivalent to cancer of heart disease inrespect of premature death and reduced productivity.

As per Abuse(1999), the fact that the diagnosis and treatment of the mental health disorders of fewadults and one third ofthe children is successfulthrough medical treatment(Abuse, 1999).  Mental health has alwaysremained a hidden issue of health. It is basicallyreceives are public attention andhas been found to be underfunded in both the private and public sectors.  In accordance to the themes that are presented in the document“Future in Mind “, there has been constant increase in the issues associated with the mental health.

Critical discussion

Issues related tomental health have been counteracting many barriers as there have been shortage of mental health services providers and proper treatment techniques. It has also been noticed that issuesassociated with themental health are rarely raisedin the reforms of health care. According to Corrigan, Druss & Perlick(2014), in all the midst of negligence towards the issues,  Dorset HealthCare and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Servicehas beenplaying an very  effective rolein  providing sustainable approaches to deal with mental health(Corrigan, Druss & Perlick, 2014).

In the context of providing mental health, DorsetHealth Care and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service has beenproviding radical integration of all the mental and physical health services  for people belongingto all age groups.  Theorganizations have been providing highlyeffective treatment regardingmental health for children, adolescents and adults through optimizedmedical and psychological approaches.  The challenges that  Dorset Healthcare and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service faced in the providing financial pressure,  increase in the competition in the healthcare industry, geographical  unequal provision of service, etc. the opportunities isregarding provision of ,mental healthcare that Dorset used to its advantage are the increase in demand of mental health care(Crichton, 2011).

The growing demand of the mental health treatment is by thepopulation that includes ageing individuals, adolescents and children.As per Ford-Jones & Chaufan(2017), the outcome of increased demand of the patients led to the enhancement of quality of services thatDorset Health Care and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service provides. Commissioning priority isone of the significantaspects that thecompany has been inculcating in its approach to dealwith these issues associated withmental health(Ford-Jones & Chaufan, 2017).

The company has been redesigning the models of the mental healthcare in order to provide improved experience and delivery of high quality mental health care. The company has been focusingon moreintegrated and localizedpersonal care across the mental and health services that requireimprovementsin the internalintegration between both our services and structuringthe existingrelationshipswith various providers. This is helping Dorset in providing seamless experienceregarding mental healthcare.Gan et al(2017) said that the mental healthcare organization has improved commissioner relationship for reaching the current contracts and has effective adaptation of the renewed approaches and needs for mental healthcare(Gan et al., 2017).

The significance ofprovision of effective mental healthcare has been elaboratedin the Future in Mind document. It has been assessed through the surveysconducted by  World Health Organizationthat 30 percent to 50 percent of the peoplein the world happen to sufferfrom the issues related to the mental health in the  developed countries  and 76 percent to  85 percent of the patientssufferingfrom such medical conditions do not receiveappropriate treatment(Grob, 2014).  It has further been discussed in the documentthat one in every four individualshas the probability of sufferingfrom DSM-IV disorder that also included mood disorder within a period of one year.The anxietydisorder has been found to be consisting of 13.6 percent, alcoholdisorder of 5.2 percentand mooddisorder to around 13.9 percent(Hall, 2016).

It was further found that the younger people, children, adolescents andwomen werefound to be suffering the most. As per Hedden(2015), thedocument further focuses on the mental health ambiguities of the childhood.  Adolescence has been a period where individuals are highly prone to have mental health issues.  Mostof the mental health issues surface by the age of 24 and the adolescents aregetting diagnosedwith mental health issues(Hedden, 2015).

Future in mind document has elaborated thebasic themesregarding the improvementof the mentalhealth and integrating strategic approaches to promote, aware and improve these conditions.

The basic themes that are covered by Future in Mind are:

Promoting resilience, earlyintervention and prevention:

Dorset Clinical Commissioninggroup and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Serviceand have considered the promotionstrategies byproviding assistance to the young people and children include their families  for adopting and maintainingthebehaviors which support theoptimum health.  The health care organization has been taking initiatives regarding taking early action with theyoung individuals and their families for preventingmental health issues. The early identification of themental health issueshas been thepriority ofthehealthcareorganizations which is very effective in dealing with such conditions.

As per Jans, Stoddard & Kraus (2004), the requirement of individuals who happen todemonstrateresiliencewith positivityand empathyis highly valued in the casesof mental health issues which arehighly recognized by Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. Early identification and recognition of the needs of the young individuals and childrenare found to assistin the prevention of serious mental health issues fromrising(Jans, Stoddard & Kraus, 2004). The document hasalso focused very prominently in theprovisionof support services along with early prevention strategies.

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