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May 12, 2023
Assignment 7: Reflections
Write a 600+ word reflection essay regarding major issues discussed in this course by answering the following questions:
Discuss any misconceptions/misunderstandings that you had about this course, the African past, the Nile Valley Civilizations, Ancient Egypt (Kemet), and reparation.
Provide your reflections of the African past: the historical legacy of Africa and its people (including the African Diaspora) and their contributions to human civilization, using Ancient Egypt as a case in point.
Why do some Europeans write that Africa did not have any history and that Africans/Black people did not contribute to civilization? Now that you have taken this course, do you think their writings are based on facts or evidence? If not, why?
Discuss the importance of Africana/Black Studies and an African-centered perspective/critical thinking, especially for African American Students.
How do you plan to use an African-centered perspective and the knowledge you have gained in this course in the future?
What did you learn from this course? What is the most significant contribution of this course to you personally? What is its strength or weakness? What kinds of improvements should be made to make it better?

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