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Jun 01, 2023
Discuss the representation of the culture and/or people from “Eastern Europe” (Russia, the
former Soviet Union, the Balkans, or the former Warsaw block countries in Central/Eastern
Europe) in a work of Western journalism, literature, film, television show, advertisement or
video game. Does the representation reflect any of the concepts or ideologies discussed in class (Slavic ideologies and representation)?
The class mainly focuses on how Western cultures have negatively represented Eastern European cultures since the early 1900s.


The paper must be 1800 words. Do a word count and include the count at the top of the first
Please use Academic English and proofread your paper carefully.
This paper should be your own work. Any secondary sources you use (books, journal articles,
web articles) must be properly cited and put into a bibliography. This guideline refers both to
works you quote from and works that you look at to gather general information.

You only need to use/reference the NBC link that is provided here:
However, I am attaching the notes taken from the class, and you are free to cite/reference other outside sources if deemed necessary.

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