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Sep 11, 2023


During the first week of my last internship, the preceptor and I were assisting a service user who was non-verbal. The service user has good eyesight and he loves nature. I noticed that there are bird feeder hanging outside his room beside the window facing his bed. My preceptor explained to me that a member of staff came up with the ideas following a review of the service user care plan and medical needs as according to his medical situation he needs to be down in this bedroom. It was noted that he enjoys watching and looking through his bedroom windows especially when the birds flying outside. The staff member set up the plan and implemented it in the best interest of the service users to have the bird feeder hanger according to his will and preference.


Knowing what the staff member did for the service user melted my heart. I felt it was a humanity act and for this service user to have a quality of life and person centred is very vital.


The most beneficial aspect of the placement was that no matter the condition or severities of the in dividual they still can enjoy the quality of their life within their  abilities and needs. This experience is a learning curve for me as it made me understand the importance of person centredness in prompting quality of life for people with intellectual disabilities and non-verbal communication,


As an intern student, it is vital to note that for persons with disabilities receiving support services, person-centred planning is a key process to focus the delivery of services and supports on the person and how they want to live their life. It is a positive and enabling approach that helps people to make plans for their future and organise the support and services they need. It seeks to reflect the way ordinary people make plans.


On my placement I have learned on how to be enable and support the individuals to have quality of life on a daily basis and meet their needs, it is very important that I read up on person care plan and   ’ communication passport to enable me to gain more insight on supporting service users to achieve their goal in life.

Action Plan

To ensure that I read up on the following.

  • National Person-Centred Planning Framework
  • Communication Passport
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