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Apr 10, 2023

Subject Code & Title :-  EK704 Classroom And Behaviour Management
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Classroom and Behaviour Management Overview and Guidance
The aim of this module is to enable students to:
● show an advanced and complex understanding of effective strategies to promote and manage behaviour effectively in the classroom and establishing a good and safe learning environment
● explore and develop their own educational philosophy through a critical engagement with ethical dilemmas relating to classroom and behaviour management
● develop skills in designing, delivering and evaluating engaging learning experiences that establish a safe and stimulating environment for all pupils.
EK704 Classroom And Behaviour Management Assignment – UK

Content included :-
The main topics of study will be:
● introduction to master’s level study
● examination of teacher identities, values and ideals and personal educational philosophies- CCF S1 8;
● theoretical perspectives on classroom and behaviour management- CCF S7
● government initiatives and relevant legislation CCF S8;
● current practice approaches to classroom and behaviour management CCF 1,8;
● the role of planning and differentiation in supporting effective class room and behaviour management CCF 4,5,7
● the role of teachers as role models who can influence the attitudes values and behaviour of their pupils CCF 1,8;
● the role of a teacher in establishing a culture of mutual trust and respect to support effective relationships CCF 1,8;
● the importance of a whole school approach in establishing and sustaining effective and consistent behaviour policy and practice CCF 1,7,8.

[NB. This module content is flexibly constructed to be able to respond to new local and national initiatives and policy as and when they arise]

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