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May 13, 2023

a. About the company: HarperCollins is one of the United Kingdom’s leading, distinct and pioneering publishers for multiple medium publishing. They have a history of 200 years and publish the work of leading writers, like JRR Tolkien, Agatha Christie, CS Lewis,etc., many of who are winners of the Nobel prize and some are bestsellers at international level. They issue a broad array of published work that not only includes modern fictional stories, but also crime novels, thriller stories, fantasy compositions for children, as well as classics. Plus they circulate a vast collection of biographies, autobiographies, non-fiction work, such as the dictionaries, school books, history books, science work, etc. The mission at HarperCollins is lies in the efficient use of publishing work and in magnifying it globally all the way through innovative activities and best marketing strategies in the world market. About the culture at HarperCollins, it has values, which update daily actions and the performance.
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