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Oct 14, 2023

Assignment: Education

Create an annotated bibliography of 10 educational resources for teaching science in the pre-K through grade 3 classrooms.

Resources may include but are not limited to:

1. Books
2. Technology that provides alternative ways for young learners to demonstrate competency
3. Multimedia materials (including web-based or videos)
4. Articles
5. Professional and community resources

Use APA style to set up your annotated bibliography:

1. Begin each annotation with the reference in APA format.
2. List all annotations in alphabetical order by author.
3. Block indent all annotations.

In the annotation for each resource, be sure to:

Question 1. Explain how content and skill development can be supported by the resources.
Question 2. Evaluate the resources for quality, accuracy, and effectiveness.
Question 3. Evaluate the resources as support for analysis, reflection, and problem-solving.

Consider the diversity of your young learners, including English learners and students with exceptional needs, when selecting your resources.


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