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May 25, 2023
The Director I chose is Alfred Hitchcock in Dial M for Murder and Psycho
In introductory paragragh,
* Explain auteur theory in your own words and why its a useful approach to the study of film.
*Describe, using Chp.8 of Introduction to Film: Goodykoontz, B., Jacobs, C. P., Meetze, J., & Pritts, N. (2019). Film: From watching to seeing (3rd ed.). Zovio. as a refrence, the criteria for what makes a director an auteur.
*Identify a director who meets the criteria posed by auteur theory.
*Summarize briefly the ways in which this director meets the criteria using examples from at least 2 of the directors films.
*Develop a thesis statement that focuses on how your chosen director and their films meet the criteria posed by auteur theory and advances the possibilities of storytelling through the medium of film.
In the body of your paper(at least 3 paragraphs),
*Apply the lens of auteur theory in breaking down the directors technical competence, distinguishable personality, and interior meaning using specific examples of their work(e.g.,particular scences or plot components.)
*Analyze the specific ways in which filmmaking techniques, consistent themes, and story telling distinguish your chosen director as an auteur among their peers.
*Evaluate your chosen director’s ethos, that is what they have to say about complex social and cultural issues.
In the conclusion of your paper,
*Connect each element of your analysis to show how your chosen director meets the three criteria of auteur theory and what this director’s body of work has to say about social and cultural issues.


The Directors and Auteur Theory Paper
*Must be 900 to 1200 words in length(not including title and refrences pages) and formatted according to APA 7th edition


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