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May 18, 2023
    • Identify the main aspects of mise-en-scene that are being used. Which are most important and why?
    • Why do you think the filmmaker(s) have used mise-en-scene in this way? What do these choices bring to these scenes and to each film as a whole?
    • You can also comment on how the cinematography is presenting the mise-en-scene if you wish. For example, you can discuss the use of lenses, the camera angle, or the shot distance.

    When you explain why particular choices have been made, you may find it useful to consider the following:

    1. Does the mise-en-scene help to create the film’s characters? How?
    2. Does the mise-en-scene convey a particular mood or feeling that is important to this scene or the film as a whole? How does it do this?
    3. Does the mise-en-scene express the scene’s underlying meanings or the film’s themes more generally?
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