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May 01, 2023



The script involves the importance of the speech that is narrated during the political campaign in the centred zone of the community. Therefore, being the leader, I have the ideology to maintain a particular decorum to give a speech on my new campaign. I believe that political ideology is a strong system that has to shared in between a political group or those who has a slight interest towards politics. I have realised that the entire focus has been involved with the bulk of time and also to support the effort of championing the belief to the people. In this assigned script, I have listed the importance of the deterrence strategies that highlights the deviant behaviour in the crime scenes. Apart from that, the importance of suspension and expulsion policies in a school has been given prime highlight of deviant behaviour such as possessing and threatening students with gun or verbally.

Theories Related To Deviant Behaviour

In a school premise, it is necessary to have ground rules and policies to uphold the school norms and disciplines. The deviant behaviour is termed as a violation that destroys the formal enacted norms and therefore, it leads to codification into the law (Stephanova et al., 2018). In the above paragraph, a clear example has been provided that signifies the deviant behaviour in a school premise. Thus, in my opinion, the cultural deviance theory suggests that conformity towards the prevailing norms causes the crime. It also states that a mix in the values and cultures enhances in the creation of the idea of deviance. On the other hand, retreatism is another theory that has been linked to the story that suggests that crime has been caused due to the social groups and different ideas. Further, the analysis of the deviant behaviour that encompasses the suspension as well as the expulsion policies within a school creates the importance of the both goals to be involved (Hanimoglu, 2018). I feel that in accelerating the innovation as well as accepting the societal goal leads to the new means of all crime and deviance.

Strategies And Its Implemented Goals

Throughout the entire discussion, a detailed description of all the deterrence strategies has been implemented that manages the goal of the behavioural management. According to Fronious et al., (2019), the restorative justice is termed as an approach that enhances to repair the harm of a society. The implementation of restorative justice claims the shift in the culture from blaming as well as shaming in building the relationship in schools and other areas. On the other hand, the goals of the deterrence strategy implement the dignity as well as the worth in rebuilding and harming the relationship within a community (Gallagher, 2019).

Concerning the discussion, the defined restorative justice and its effectiveness in the society is positive in achieving the goal. It clearly states the importance of the trust within the community and also to regain the self-respect. Apart from that, the restorative justice has a positive benefit and it enhances to reduce the recidivism and increases safety. Whereas, the negativity of the strategy claims the psychological harm and not being available to the offenders. The second strategy claims the capital punishment and the implementation claims the proponents of the particular death penalty and enhances in preserving the law as well as the order. The goal of the strategy aims in considering the retribution as well as the justice that needs to be protected (Johnson, 2020). Hence, it has been covered by sentencing the policy of restorative justice.

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