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-This needs to be written in a PICOT format
-needs 6 references that must be supporting nursing research articles dated within the last 5 years and PEER-REVIEWED
-attached are some documents that explain what is expected for the assignment

Paper must include:
-title page
-introduction (5-7 sentences long: Why did you choose this topic? How would this type of research/intervention benefit the noted problem, the nursing profession, the identified population, or a noted issue in nursing education)
-problem and purpose statement (The Problem and Purpose Statement will start on a new page, following the title page, introduction with research question and PICO, and open an introduction for your paper)
-Theoretical Framework Write a short discussion within your research paper about your chosen theoretical model. How does this theory guide the development of your study and enable you to link potential research findings to nursing’s body of knowledge? Theory is essential to research as it provides a framework for developing new studies and linking findings back to the knowledge of the nursing discipline. Ensure you cite your chosen theorist in this section of your ongoing research paper. Critically appraise other research that has used this theory/theorist in similar research, noting how concepts and statements are linked to describe the clinical significance and the usefulness of your proposal in reality.
Submit a document with a proposed model using your identified theory as Appendix A of your paper.
This can be a simple picture, chart, or graph (google image the theory, and create a simple chart or graph aligning elements of your PICO to the theoretical framework)
Discuss, with reference to your picture, how this nursing theory/model provides a framework for your stated problem and research question
Cite your theory in 7th ed APA format at the end of Appendix A (This will just be the graph of your model with components of your PICO statement)
limitations section This section will be right before the final conclusion of your final paper and will come right after your section on Theoretical Framework.
Add information about any additional information that needs to be studied related to your PICO and Research question for Limitations.
You may realize that other causes may need to be studied further or that original research needs to be repeated to gain more credibility.
What limitations were found in similar studies during your literature review? Outline gaps/limitations noted in at least one of your discovered articles
What threats are noted to the validity of your intervention?
Notes threats to the validity and reliability of your research/PICO may be external, internal, or both
Include in the limitations section (no more than a page or two in length, double spaced) factors that threaten the reliability of your research findings or the outcomes of your PICO(t). For example, this could be potential bias, the Hawthorne Effect, funding, external/environmental elements out of your control, or an aging population/sample size (maturation). Use Chapter 8 from your textbook as a guide.
This is the “full disclosure” section of your final research paper
The header, in bold font, will be “Research Limitations”
Add references/citations as needed
As Appendix B, include the chosen tool of your research paper (this could be a published survey, questionnaire, or medical equipment used to measure your dependent variable). Note the Cronbach’s alpha of your tool. Remember, an alpha of .70 is considered acceptable research. An alpha

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