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May 23, 2023
The student will research and write a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation that outlines how healthcare technology is impacting overall patient outcomes. This PPT should include:
A detailed description of the technology tools/applications being assessed (purpose, utilization, costs, etc…).
Provide key data that demonstrates disease state prior to and then after utilization of key technologies (data here means the numbers that measure outcomes and overall impact of the HIT application).
Discuss, specifically, how patients interact with the tools/applications you are reviewing and make recommendations as to how these tools/applications could be used in more effective ways.


The PowerPoint Presentation (max. 12 slides of content), not including the title and reference slides. A minimum of two (2) academic and/or professional references are required on a separate slide.
The rubric for this assessment will be used to provide feedback and grade your work. Review the rubric by clicking the link below and use it to guide your work.
Click on the link for information on how to Create Effective PowerPoint Presentations.
Complete the assignment by clicking on the assignment title or the button below.


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