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Oct 18, 2023

Foundations of Emergency and Disaster Management

Report on Risk and Mitigation

Note: This is an individual assessment. It concerns the same topic that you considered in the Group Presentation. It builds on your past work, and should incorporate any new knowledge and ideas you gained during the course of the subject.

You are an emergency management expert who has been approached by the government of the state of Queensland. A specific historical emergency or disaster situation (the one your group considered in Assessment 1) has recently come up in public discussion. Although it started outside the political sphere, some ministers in the state government have become interested in this discussion, because they believe that there are parts of the state that are vulnerable to a similar event.

You will prepare a short report (maximum 1,500 words) describing the relevance of the event to Queensland, the risks it would pose to the state, and how the perspective of the Sendai Framework can assist the state government in reducing the risks. Your report should discuss:

- The characteristics of a similar event which would pose a risk to the state`s population

- Which parts of the state or sub-populations would be most at risk from a similar event (eg. urban vs rural populations; specific demographics; geographical regions, etc)

- Social factors and characteristics which put either the state as a whole or specific sub-populations at particular risk from a similar event

- Suggested strategies for the government and other stakeholders to reduce risk and vulnerability to a similar event, with attention to the perspective of the Sendai Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals and the factors they identify as relevant to social vulnerabilityYou may draw on your previous research on the event, such as you did for the first assessment, for the purposes of this report. Many of the issues and topics relevant to this report will be covered in the second half of the unit, and your study of those weeks` content may be a good place to start. To support your arguments and suggestions, you should also search for additional literature and sources.

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