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Apr 05, 2023

Component 2 – Report
This report is due to be submitted by 11th December 2020 at 17.00. It should be submitted via turnitin and will account for 70% of the module grade. It will be marked online and the marks will be released within 3 weeks of the submission date (NB. All marks are subject to confirmation at the appropriate board). The report should be approximately 3,500 words +/-
10%. Please note that appendices will not be included in the word count nor illustrative material used within the main body of the report. As this is a report please note that it should have a clear introduction, main body and conclusion and sub-headings are expected. Please ensure you answer all the questions.
HRM11101 Contemporary Human Resource Management Assignment-UK

Changing recruitment at Meriva Supermarkets
Meriva’s HR strategy is: ‘to provide improved capability to become the best retail HR function and make Meriva’s a great place to work’. New HR processes were introduced in 2008, which meant that many of the functions involved in recruitment and selection were centralised in the HR Shared Service Centre’. This was rolled out in Scotland but is not yet operationalised throughout the whole of the UK.

Previously there were issues with in-store recruitment processes because staff were dealing with a large number of CVs and application forms and this was time-consuming and expensive. The number of applications at peak recruitment times, for example before Christmas, could be overwhelming, and this made them difficult to track on the old system. It was also recognised that the application screening process was not always robust, as department managers sometimes had to interview candidates who were not really suitable and this was not the best use of their time. Problems also existed in keeping up with the applicants’ references. Eddie
Pitt, the grocery manager in the Fen wick store, raised the subject regularly in the weekly meeting of the departmental managers.

‘I am wasting so much of my time seeing people who just don’t have what it takes to work here. I am not an HR manager and I’ve got bigger priorities than looking at application forms and preparing for interviews that turn out to be a waste of my time and theirs. Some of them have no common sense and no interest in working for the company. We need to get more
colleagues who have a real desire to work with us and who are going to help our customers’

Now applications are made online only and not on paper. This means that stores no longer accept or receive paper application forms and do not write advertisements to display in the store. Application forms are no longer scored manually. Offer letters and contracts are produced centrally.

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