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May 11, 2023
  1. What are some social and ecological factors (relationships, community, and society) pertaining to the offender(s) that are also relevant to fully understand this case? Identify at least one at each level and provide enough details about its nature.
    2. Identify and discuss ways in which the perpetrator in these cases ”fits” with the stereotype of a sex offender. Explain in detail. How do the perpetrators not fit? Explain in detail.
    3. How do you think these cases and the media attention they have received has shaped the public discourse about sexual assault involving murder? Are there aspects of public perceptions about perpetrators, their crimes, and victims that have changed/been challenged by these cases or that have been strengthened since these cases? Explain.


    Sources Karla Homolka

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    The Ken & Barbie Killers: Where Is Karla Homolka Today? | Murders and Homicides on Crimefeed | Investigation Discovery

    Sources Russell Williams

    Russell Williams’s wife knew he was a predator: victim –
    Col. Russell Williams timeline | CBC News

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