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Apr 26, 2023 This assignment consist in writting a lesson plan and implementation of a teaching and evaluation session about asthma.This assignment include a table and a narrative explanation of the teaching and evaluation plan and rationale for the plan. The assignment is to write appropriate teaching strategies that would clearly contribute to achieving the learning objectives identified in the template doc uploaded below. Be sure to include at least 5 references that serve as evidence as to why this teaching strategy would be effective for this type of content and teaching session. Which domain(s) of learning would your teaching strategies address? Discuss preparation that would need to be completed by the instructor and/or students/staff prior to the teaching session, available time frame for the teaching within the course, clinical, or staff work schedule, length of the teaching session, materials that would be needed for the session (projector for power point, handouts, audience response system, online modules,.…), time for evaluation and feedback. This is very important: Please write this assignment using the template document uploaded below. Just fill all the parts/requirements that are in the document using the learning objectives also in that document. The Learning Objectives are: 1. Identify the signs and symptoms of an asthma attack and understand the pathophysiology of asthma. 2. Demonstrate the proper use of a metered-dose inhaler and peak flow meter. 3. Evaluate the effectiveness of a patient’s asthma management plan and educate patients and families accordingly.
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