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May 25, 2023



In this assignment, you will choose a topic for the Project Presentation due in Module 7. The topic must be related to military families and resilience. For instance, if the topic is “the impact of military service-member substance abuse disorders on the military family and how to develop resilience”, you will discuss the problem and then describe a secondary prevention or intervention program (choosing evidence-based practices wherever possible). You must also provide a clear and explicit tie to resilience and the family. Your instructor will provide feedback if your topic needs to be more relevant or specific. You are encouraged to review the course materials and topics raised in order to be able to focus in an area to which you may be passionate.


Before submitting your topic, look at the instructions for the other related assignments, Project Presentation: Outline Assignment and Project Presentation: Final Submission Assignment, so that you have a good understanding of the goals and requirements for the Project. Then submit at least a one-sentence description that reveals both the focus and tie to resilience and the family.

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