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Apr 27, 2023
  1. Instructions

    Home Goods Store: In this tutorial, students will be tasked to create an e-commerce website for a home goods store. They can include sections for furniture, decor, kitchenware, and other home goods items. Create a static website using what you have learned in Tutorial 1, website evaluation and design.


    1. The website must (*mandatory pages) navigate to the following pages:
    • Home Page*
    • Furniture Category Page*
    • Furniture Product Detail Page
    • Decor Category Page*
    • Decor Product Detail Page
    • Kitchenware Category Page*
    • Kitchenware Product Detail Page
    • Shopping Cart Page*
    • Checkout Page
    • Order Confirmation Page
    • About Us Page • Contact Us Page*
    • Privacy Policy Page
    • Terms and Conditions Page

    Navigation between pages is mandatory. The order of the pages should be determined at your discretion, taking into consideration website design principles.

    1. The website must meet the following goals/criteria: On home goods store websites, you can expect information about the home goods products they sell, including furniture, bedding, bath products, kitchen appliances, home decor items, and more. You can also find information about pricing, product specifications, available colors, materials, and sizes.
    • Introduce potential customers to the store
    • Make customers feel comfortable using the online store by making it user-friendly.
    • To showcase the store`s products in a way that highlights their features and benefits and provides customers with all the necessary product information, including descriptions, specifications, and reviews.
    • Inform customers of helpful information about the products.
    1. The Home Goods Store e-commerce website should appeal to a broad range of audiences, including but not limited to:
    • Homeowners looking to decorate or furnish their homes
    • Renters looking for temporary or portable furniture and decor options
    • Interior designers and decorators
    • Housewarming and wedding gift shoppers
    • Small business owners looking to decorate their office spaces
    • Architects and builders seeking high-quality and unique home goods for their projects
    • DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists looking for inspiration and supplies for their home improvement projects • Individuals interested in sustainable or eco-friendly home goods options
    • Budget-conscious shoppers seeking affordable but stylish home goods options
    • Luxury and high-end home goods shoppers. Make sure that you target the right audience.
    1. The website must contain the following content:
    • Information about the online store
    • Information about the products: - A minimum number of products should be 3
    • Pictures of the products
    • Information about different designs
    • Information about purchasing
    • Contact details for the store.

    On Windows OS, use Notepad (or Notepad++) to code the web pages and TextEdit for those with MacOS, and use any browser to view and test your web pages. To start, create a new text document on your desktop and rename it to home.html. You can also use other IDEs like Visual Studio or VS Code. However, do follow the instructions below when submitting.


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