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Migration Law

Q1: Can you explain to me again about this advertising I need to do? What does it need to say, and how long do I need to advertise for? I have an ad for Sheet Metal Workers on my business website. Is this useful, or do I need to pay for an ad? Do I need to send you a copy? Harry

The first step you will take is to post the employment vacancy on a Government website that is active. For this, I recommend using  Additionally, I would guide you to advertise an Australian recruitment website with "national reach" This would entail: well-known or competent hiring websites that post job advertisements across Australia and industry-specific recruitment internet sites applicable to the job which are heavily used by the industry; and LinkedIn`s online hiring framework, except for job openings constrained to LinkedIn profile participants. A broad classified website`s employment portal. This does not include a broad classifieds website`s classifieds portal or promotion sent simply via a social media notice.When establishing a GTES agreement, Sponsors must submit proof of LMT. You must also be required that you must give verification for every individual vocation requested under the GTES contract at the time of your online application. Additionally, a  Sponsor must show proof of efforts to employ competent and knowledgeable Australians for every given profession. These actions must have occurred within 12 months of filing the nominee petition. There are no restrictions for the substance or runtime of advertising underneath the GTES

Q2: I was just hoping you could provide me with some information about the timeframes and deadlines for this application. Do we need to have each stage approved before we lodge the next one? Harry

You must supply a sample of the promotional information employed to market the role when you propose a candidate as the sponsor (documents of all advertisements with the advertising demands ). Throughout the four-month timeframe promptly preceding the nominating application, you must meet the deadline of at least four weeks. When establishing a labor agreement, As a Sponsor, you must also provide documentation of LMT. You must also offer documentation of LMT when nominating a candidate when the labor agreement requires it.I would also recommend that you explain these facts in a concise declaration and submit it on asking for your GTES agreement if it is hard to offer proof of two efforts for instance, since there is an extremely limited worldwide pool of potential individuals and the techniques of LMT indicated earlier are not applicable. An supervisor can offer an institutional letter of transmission or certain  documentation summarizing the intra-corporate transmission structure as proof of LMT when a placement is an intra-corporate transmission of an extant worker of a corporation to another department or affiliated institution of that corporation functioning in Australia. Every of the preceding phases can employ the identical LMT proof, but the advertisement must have taken place within the last 12 months preceding the candidacy request is filed. Companies in Categories 3 areas will now be able to provide more adaptable documentation of LMT to the Department. One international advertising, such as Seek, Job active, or an Australian sector site, will be accepted as proof.

Q3: I would just like to enquire about lodging my visa application. Is thereany problem that will stop me from lodging my visa application? I have told my employer about mycurrent bridge visa, and I am worried that I cannot apply for the working visa from this visa? I alreadyhave lodged an application for a visa, as I told you. Do I need to withdraw this visa first? Oliver

You should withdraw from the first Visa. Every Visa serves a different purpose hence you will need the working Visa to be employed by Harry company.To move to and access Australia, all visitors must have a valid visa. There may be several visa alternatives accessible to you a visitor in Australia.The suitable visa will be determined by your reason for visiting Australia, among other factors, and for this case your sole purpose to be in is employment. If you have qualifications and qualities that will benefit Australia`s economy and workers, you may be qualified to travel to Australia on an Australian Occupational visa. These visas are particularly tailored to promote candidates to gain sponsorships or endorsement via a workplace. The 482 visa is a four temporary visa that allows qualified people to operate in Australia if they are supported by an authorised Australian business. Your occupational abilities or job expertise must be applicable to the employment you are looking for in Australia.

Q4: (400 words, 8 marks) From: Oliver Sent: Friday, April 2022 9:37 AM To: agent Subject: Re: TSS Dear Sir I hope you are well. I would like to enquire about the work reference you told me to get from my previous employer. I worked for him for 3 years. What should it say? He does not speak much English, can he write it in Estonian? You said I will need to show I have skills to do the job. Will this work reference be enough? Can you confirm whether or not I need some kind of skills assessment? Oliver

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