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The course assignment for LT2MEP/LT2306 Project Management, is to prepare a project plan for the purchase, installation and validation testing of a remote vehicle tracking system for a regional logistics company.
LT2MEP/LT2306 Logistics Tracking Project Assignment-Aston University UK.

Eddy Barstow is a growing transport and logistics company, based in the Northeast region of the UK.The vehicle fleet consists of 42 semi-trailer tractor units, fitted with hands-free mobile radio for tractor-to-tractor and tractor-to-base voice communications and GPS navigation devices for
individual unit use. Barstow’s are seeking to improve operation efficiency and effectiveness through the use of a centrally coordinated route planning system. Several commercially available systems have been evaluated and a scalable system has been chosen as the basis for a fleet wide implementation.

The system selected will offer several benefits to Barstow’s, including:
1.Multi-drop route planning
2.Driver performance assessment (linked to bonus)
3. Optimized route planning for reduced fuel consumption and improved fleet CO2
4.Improved breakdown recovery tracking
5.Better planning for scheduled maintenance

Project Introduction:
Orbit IT has been contracted by Eddy Barstow to perform the installation and set up of the system across their fleet of vehicles. This includes final system specification, purchasing of the equipment, system trials, installation across 42 vehicles and training of operators. Barstow’s have asked for some unique data analysis features, which will require custom coding of proprietary software for the system. Orbit will develop the system as a turn-key installation and hand over a full functioning system after operator training. A technical support agreement will be in place for 30 days after hand over, to resolve any small issues or operational bugs.

Activity Constraints:
Orbit have been awarded the project and can begin working on the project from 12 th October 2020.The project should be handed over to Barstow’s (launch) no later than 2nd April 2021. If project activities extend beyond this date, Orbit will pay a project penalty of 2% of project value for each
working days delay.

(Note: There is an important activity constraint that has been missed from this description – What is it?).

Project Structure
The project can be broken down into four key activity areas for convenience:

Project Management: This area covers project planning, procurement activities, operator training,project handover activities and technical support. Project manager time can be allocated to this activity. It is anticipated that there will be a need for one full-time project manager to lead activities,for the duration of the project.

IT System Build: The system preparation and support covers system specification, software build,software updates and preparation of system operational manuals for reference once the program is handed over to Barstow’s personnel.

Vehicle Installation: GPS tracking units and driver displays will be required for each vehicle in the fleet. There will be a pilot installation to check out any issues with function, followed by a full fleet installation.

System Test: The system must first be developed on the workbench to evaluate function with hardware-in-the-loop. Once this breadboard testing has been completed, procurement of trial hardware can proceed. Electromagnetic compatibility checks will be completed on a first trial vehicle installation to ensure that there is no interference with vehicle safety systems, prior to the first vehicle trials. This will be undertaken in a specialist test lab. The final activity involved in testing will be the operational checks of the fleet roll-out (fleet validation).

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