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Winter Wonderland event is a six-week event in London straight from 19th November to 3rd January for the purpose to celebrate the festive session of the Christmand and the new year.  The event offers more attractive events, drinks, foods, and entertainment to people for their enjoyment. People have to book their tickets in advance to keep them safe and follow three basic steps such as selecting a favourable date between 19the November 2021 to 3rd January 2022 between 10 am to 10 pm. In addition during the off-peak period, the entry is free and cost €5 or 7.50 at the time peak time. After entering the fair event one can stay as long as they want and there are lots of exciting offers as well. Again, visitors can make their visit memorable by adding shows, rides and games. The purpose of the assessment is to describe the three aspects of the events such as sustainability, crown management, and event design. All the segments have three stages such as practical assessment, observation, and reflections that will help to develop a conclusion for better planning of the event.   


Sustainability In Events


The expectation will discuss what is expected from the event. It is always expected sustainability maintain in the events so that environmental and cultural balance and be assured. It is expected that single plastic waste can be minimized, sufficient use of recycling bins, sustainable source of electricity, and easy access to public transport. It will ensure that the event planning and sustainability can be achieved that will ensure the success of the Winter Wonderland event. It is described as below;

Single-use of plastic: In the event, it was expected that the public will use less plastic and use the recycle bins to dispose of their waste. However, it was seen that in the event plastic water bottles were sold at a high price and people are thronging it all over the field. It is needed to encourage people to carry a water bottle to reduce the plastic waste however, in the event there were no sufficient water fillers of the tap that is the biggest issue for the visitors. For that, they cannot carry water bottles and have to purchase again and again that create plastic waste (Holmes et al. 2015). 

Generating Power: In the event, there were various lighting, sound and energy consumption. However, there was no sustainability in the energy consumption. The stalls, slides and the event itself consume many lighting and energy but there was no sustainable energy source (Skeete et al. 2020). It needs to have sufficient use of recycled waste as a source of energy to save electricity. The rubbish collector needs to travel all over the event to collect the waste that helps to make the place clean and provide full enjoyment to the visitors (Buathong, and Lai 2017). 

Public Transport: For the purpose to reach the event it was expected to have easy access to public transport by road. However, the availability of the bus and the metro was not sufficient especially during peak hours. There was also an issue with the parking at the event. The public transport was expected increase by the management with the consultation of govermnet that helps the visitor to reach their destination in time with safety. It also helps to attract visitors from distant places in case sufficient public transport is available. In addition, the extra parking space needs to arrange specially for physically challenged people (TRAIL, and McCullough 2018). 

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