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May 17, 2023
  • Why are creative abilities being neglected in today’s society? Some claim that music education is a waste of money and time, that it is noisy and distracting, and that it takes time away from academic subjects. Music has always been essential to education for students. Even so, a lot of the music produced nowadays is not really “music to our ears” because it is too loud, has bad lyrics, and is not particularly comforting or good for us.

    Some music that is produced is highly beneficial to us as people, for example, the good use of lyrics and the meaning of the song, but this type of bad lyrics music has no emotional or intellectual significance. A way to express oneself, find inner calm, and even a means of transporting unfavorable feelings and emotions are all possible with music. Since music can function as a kind of communication, psychologists often relate it to speech.

    Music is considerably more eloquent and not limited to any particular language. Speech is boring compared to music. In order for children to fully comprehend the language of music and benefit from it, music should be taught to children in the same way that children’s native language is.

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