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Mar 31, 2023

Unit Title : People And Organizations
Assessment Type : Assignment
Length: 2,500 words, with an absolute maximum of 2,750 words.
Weighting: 100%
Task: Critical Analysis of a case study* in the form of an individual written assignment based on three topics from this module.

You must choose ONE topic from the following:
Emotions and Identity
Power and Politics

You must also choose ONE topic from the following:
Strategic Human Resource Management

You may choose your third topic from either of these lists.

Case Study Choice :
You need to choose one of the following case studies to analyse using three of the People and Organisation Topics. Use the information in the case study as a starting point and analyse the situation in the case study. You need to analyse the people aspects of the case not the business aspects. So, for example, consider the culture of the organisation, change management impacts on the people, the ethical issues around the employees, etc. You need to draw on the academic material (literature and theory) from three of the People and Organisation Topics. You must choose material from at least one Organisation Studies topics and at least one from Human Resource Management topics. You may need to source additional information, for example details from the organisation’s web site could give you an indication of the organisation’s culture, their recruitment procedures or HR policies. If you draw on any literature that has already analysed the case organisation you must clearly indicate this by referencing appropriately. Please bear in mind you must not describe the case study, marks will be awarded for your knowledge of the theory and your ability to apply theory to relevant examples. Although you will need to do some additional research on the case study, this should be for the purposes of analysis rather than description.

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