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Oct 22, 2021

Communication between different PLC architectures and protocols is made possible by the use of a) rectifiers. c) gateways. b) repeaters. d) hubs.

In a token passing network access control scheme, a node can transmit data on the network a) at all times. c) only at the end of a scan cycle. b) only when it has possession of a token. d) only at the start of a scan cycle.

What are data communication protocols? Why are they important?View Solution:
What are data communication protocols Why are they important

List the functions of a reliable communication service. List the functions of an unreliable communication service. For each of the following pairs of terms, define each term, making sure to clarify the key difference(s) between the two terms flow control and congestion control stop and wait protocol and sliding window protocol There is a choice of transport-layer protocol available in the Internet protocol stack. One choice is the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Another choice is the User Datagram Protocol (UDP). What are the header similarities, if any, between these two protocols? What are the functional differences, if any, between these two protocols? Give two examples of Internet applications that use TCP. Give two examples of Internet applications that use UDP. What are some of the network elements that you must consider when transitioning to IPv6?

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