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May 13, 2023


Introduction on the  outbreak and course of Syrian civil war

In this particular essay, the regional dimension is chosen on the Syrian conflict. The president at that time was Bashar Assad and his father Hafez Assad in Syria and they were treating the Syrians with policies of maltreatment and suppression. In the year 2011, the Syrians started to revolt against these policies. At the primary stage of the revolution, the protest of the Syrians was peaceful and in the Middle East, it was called the Arab Spring. No positive response was seen from the side of the government in this issue. Rather, violence was evident in their behaviour and attempts were made to suppress the demands of the Syrians. After the  uprising of Arab spring, protests were started in Syria in a peaceful manner when supporting the  Arab Spring graffiti were made by 15 boys and as a consequence, they were tormented and confined. Hundreds of protesters were killed by Bashar al-Assad and lots of people  got imprisonment for  supporting the  protest.

It took a wrong turn and resulted in an armed movement of the protesters. A civil war was started as per the consequence and in that conflict, approximately 200000 people were executed. In the year 2014, an announcement was declared by the United Nations. As per their declaration, in Syria, roughly 6.5 million people were displaced inside the country. Thus the conflict continues. In this essay, the regional dimension of the Syrian conflict will be discussed elaborately.

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