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May 08, 2023

Think of your favorite junk food (this is the fun part!).
Make sure you pick a food that you know is not healthy. This could be something you treat yourself with on occasion, or a food you only eat in your dreams – you choose!
Be specific on the amount of the junk food you will pretend to eat/drink (e.g. 32 fluid ounces of a chocolate milkshake, 1 snickers bar (44 g/ 1.56 oz)

Research online for the nutrition facts of that food item to locate the total number of calories which come from that food.
Record the name of the site & the URL where you found the information.
Step 2: Analyze and Evaluate
Think of your favorite way of being physically active (this should be fun too!).
You should select a fun method of exercise (an activity which increases your heart rate) and ideally something that you already or would actually do.
Example: My junk food is 1 slice of chocolate mousse cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. It has 1210 calories. Reference: The Cheesecake Factory Nutritional Guide (PDF) The Cheesecake Factory Nutritional Guide (PDF) – Alternative Formats

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