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Oct 18, 2023

Corporate financial reporting

LO 1: Discuss or debate on the principles, practices and practical considerations in corporate reporting. Publicize the importance of the course contents and illustrate the benefits of such information to stakeholders.

The purpose of this assignment is to discuss the principles, practices and practical considerations in corporate reporting.


1. Chose one of the topic from the following list and prepare a well-arranged poster to present.

2. Read more material on intemet to equip poster with up to date information.

3. Submit it through the Submission link on the Blackboard

Poster Contents:
1. Introduction: Introduce the selected topic.
2. Understanding and justification of topic.
3. Practical example
4. References
5. Team members names and IDs.

1. Accounting for leases
2. The revaluation or impairment of non-current assets
3. Financial instruments
*4. Taxation (including deferred tax)
5. Financial reporting issues
6. Financial reporting best practices
7. Financial reporting requirement of banks
8. Cookies in Jar practices in reporting

Poster should be printed in A3. Therefore, make it with high resolution.
The selected topic is number *4*.

- First page keep it empty for the cover page.
- Second page for the the contents itself.
- third page for the references.
-Send the PPT as well in case the student wants to make any modification.
- send the pdf as well for the poster.

-use of visual aids.
- make it colorful, attractive and creative.
- must follow the rubric given.

APA references (5 only)

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