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May 12, 2023
      1. The Central Bank has hired you to develop an application to validate aliases/usernames for the customer accounts of a selection of Irish banks. The application prompts the user to provide one single line of text with the customer’s alias at a time. This may be repeated based on the specific rules described below.
        The purpose of the application is to validate the inputted alias and return whether it meets all of the rules assigned to you. The rules that you should use to validate the alias have been assigned based on the penultimate (i.e. second to last) digit of your student ID number.
      2. First, implement in the instantiable class ValidPass (the instantiable class previously developed at Question 1. a.) another method that takes in as parameters (i) the number of passwords to be generated, and (ii) an array of numbers between 11 and 19 to be used in a modulo/remainder calculation as part of the password generation for each of the passwords e.g., if 3 passwords are to be generated, then the array should contain 3 different numbers between 11 and 19 inclusive.
        The method should generate the required number of passwords. The method should return a one-dimensional array of String passwords. The Password Rules ID has been assigned based on the penultimate digit of your student ID number.
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