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Jun 09, 2023
Written Assignment
With this assignment you will place yourself in an historical period. Imagine that you are living during a period in
American history that we have covered up to this point in the class. (It must be a period that we have discussed in Unit 1
or Unit 2). You will also choose a situation specific to a person from that time period and summarize their life. (I will
explain this more below) Any clear matches to other
submitted papers or online source that are not cited in the works cited page will result in a significant reduction in
your grade, or possibly a zero on the assignment.
1. You will describe the social, economic and political aspects of the historical period. For example, If I were using
the early 1940s as a time period and World War II as the specific event/situation, I would describe the
background of the rise of Germany, Japan, and the Axis powers, why and how the war began, and how the U.S.
became involved. You may use the textbook, the class Power Point notes/videos, and/or outside sources as
resources. If you use outside resources, YOU MUST have a works cited page and parenthetical references for
each source. (This is the only part of the paper what outside sources are permitted) (300 words minimum; 400
words maximum)
For the next two parts of the paper, outside sources are not allowed. You must use your own imagination. This
assignment will be submitted through SafeAssign, which is a plagiarism filter. Any clear matches to other submitted
papers or online sources will result in a significant reduction in your grade, or possibly a zero on the assignment.
2. Next you will put yourself in the shoes of a person who is living during this time period and is directly involved in
the situation. You would imagine what it was like in this situation. Using the example above, you could imagine
yourself as a soldier on the ground fighting in France during the war, an officer in charge of a naval ship, a
soldier’s wife or child, an anti-war protester, or any other possibility. Describe a day in the life of this person.
What are their feelings about the situation in which they find themselves? What are they doing in their situation
and why. In what ways are they trying to make a difference and/or change their situation for the better? What
obstacles and difficulties might they encounter? You might start this section with “I am a child whose father left
to fight for the U.S. in France. I felt terribly sad when I said goodbye to him. My mother tried to make things as
normal as possible by…” (400 words minimum; 600 words maximum)
3. Lastly, evaluate the personal and social historical impact of the event that you chose. Using the example above,
you might discuss how the world changed in your community, region or country. Also, how were you impacted
and the influence it had on the rest of your life? In other words, for the child above, how did life change for him
after the U.S. Allied victory over German and Japan? How did the war influence the direction of the rest of my
life? (300 words minimum; 400 words maximum)
As noted above, the minimum total word count will be 1000, while the maximum total word count cannot exceed 1400
Double space; standard font style and size (11 or 12); black font only
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