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May 15, 2023
The Final Ethical Reflection paper is designed to assess Course Objectives 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


The Final Ethical Reflection paper will be a capstone assignment for the course and will constitute the final exam grade for the course.
Paper MUST be organized according to APA 7th Edition.
The Final Ethical Reflection paper is a sourced reflection paper of no more than five pages in length not including cover and reference pages. The Final Ethical Reflection paper is comprised of the following sections;
Planned career field
How will you implement and utilize your chosen field’s Code of Ethics into your professional practice?
What is most meaningful to you from the past semester’s study of professional ethics and how ethics apply to health and human development career fields of practice?
What conflicts of interest do you anticipate between your personal, philosophical, or religious values and your chosen field of practice’s professional Code of Ethics?
How your view of ethics has changed since August?
A summation of your personal assessment of the course and its value to your education and development as a professional.
The Final Ethical Reflection paper will be due during Final Exams week. Students are expected to submit the Final Ethical Reflection paper via CANVAS during the period 04/24 @ 11:59pm thru 04/27@ 11:50pm; though early submission is permitted and encouraged. Though it is recommended that you begin your writing process for this assignment by keeping a personal journal throughout the semester gathering your impressions, reactions and thoughts about each of the assigned areas of the paper.
Please only submit in either a WORD or PAGES format.
The Final Ethical Reflection paper will constitute 25% of the student’s course grade.


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