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May 30, 2023
Think back on all the service encounters you have experienced since the start of this class.


What have you learned from these experiences that will help you to be a better manager? Cite specific examples from your service encounters that led to these insights.
Apply the Service Marketing Triangle as you answer the first prompt. Remember to include all three sides of the triangle in your discussion.
For the internal marketing side of the triangle, you may not have as much insight into what these service companies are actually doing, since you are an external customer. For this portion, you are welcome to be more prescriptive in your discussion.

For each of the SE&A assignments, you will create a short write-up (between 300-500 words) applying your experiences to the assigned topic.


Fully apply the service model to your experience as prompted. These assignments are meant for you to show me what you know, and your grade will reflect the extent to which you fully and properly apply each of the assigned concepts to your experiences.
In your discussion, you must move beyond thinking and talking like a consumer and begin talking like a service marketing expert. In other words, focus on how these experiences were created and the managerial implications, not how the experience affected you as a customer.


Follow this organization and formatting guide.
Use layers of headings to ensure you are discussing all of the components of the prompt and model that you are applying.

Popular Ways to Lose Points

Not addressing all the pieces of the model. For example, if you don’t mention Gap 4: The Communication Gap, I can’t tell if you forgot about it, or if you didn’t think it was relevant. If there is a part of the model that you don’t think is relevant, you should discuss WHY you don’t think it applies to your experience.
Not being specific enough in applying your experience to the model. For example:
BAD: “The server showed assurance by inspiring trust and confidence.” (Defining the concept doesn’t actually tell me what the server DID to inspire trust and confidence.)
GOOD: “The server showed assurance by being knowledgeable about the wine list and what would pair nicely with my meal, which made me trust their suggestion to try a new wine.”


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