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Apr 28, 2023

Your research for this final paper should include woman rights in Pakistan. Using the PICOT format research an intervention for your developing country. You must include a comparison group, expected outcome, and time frame for this proposed solution to your global health issue. Utilize a nursing theoretical framework (Campinha-Bacote, Leininger, Nightingale, Orem) or another change theorist (Lewin, Lippert, Rogers) in implementing this intervention to this global health problem. Identify how the Sisters of Mercy Critical Concerns are applied to your health issue. The paper should include at least twelve (12) scholarly peer reviewed nursing references from the last 5 years (2018-2023). One of these references may include either the WHO or CDC website. Your paper should be 7-10 pages (minimum). APA 7th Edition format required.


Components of the Paper must include:
P. Problem/Intervention
What is your global healthcare problem?
How does it relate to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?
Which country or continents will the intervention be implemented?
Utilizing the WHO or CDC website what social determinants of health impact this problem.
How is this global healthcare problem related to the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concerns?
I. Intervention
What is your intervention?
What is your theoretical framework for implementation? This may take a few pages
C. Comparison/Control Group
Who would the proposed control group or comparison be?
O. Outcome
What is the expected outcome of your intervention?
T. Timeline
What is the expected timeline for your specific health issue?

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