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May 13, 2023
Submit a 1-2 page APA format essay answering the following question #5 on page 156 below on the essay “On Dumpster Diving:


“On Dumpster Diving” is a classic example of the rhetorical mode known as process analysis. Eighner takes readers through all of the things involved in Dumpster diving, sharing descriptive details and step-by-step accounts. Rarely does he step back and talk about what living in this way has taught him about how the larger world works. Do you think his close attention to the process of Dumpster diving helps him make a larger argument about how the world is or should be, or do you think it obscures any larger point he might want to press? Further, do you think his attention to the process is less effective as an exposé because it makes something that could be seen as the degrading result of larger forces seem more acceptable?


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