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Apr 03, 2023

Assessment Information
This assignment is an individual assignment.
This assignment requires you to complete the following:
For an automotive company of your choice critically examine the use of Social Media Platforms and identify opportunities for development in Social Media making recommendations for Social Media Marketing Plans.
315MKT Social Media And Online Reputation CW1 Assignment-Australia

Your report must include the following:
 The Social Media Marketing strategic goals/objectives of the automotive company
 Critical analysis of the automotive company’s Social Media Marketing activity in line with these goals/objectives
 Identify opportunities for development in their Social Media Marketing activity
 Recommendations for Social Media Marketing objectives in line with opportunities identified

Suggested report structure
There should be a professional title page:
 Introduction to your automotive company
 Objective and goals of their Social Media
 Activity on Social Media – apply appropriate theory here
 Discuss weaknesses and identify opportunities
 Recommendations in the form of Social Media objectives

This assessment is design for learning purpose.

Analyse the key concepts of Social Media and evaluate their evolution with respect to hardware, software,service provision, supply and as a medium for advertising and communication.

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