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Mar 31, 2023

Module Code : 3CO02
Module Title : Principles of Analytics
Assessment Type : Assignment
This unit looks at how people professionals make both straightforward and complex choices as they carry out their roles. It focuses on how utilising a diverse range of analytics and evidence is essential to the rationalisation and enhancement of working practices and situational decision-making to create value.
3CO02 Principles of Analytics Assignment – UK.

CIPD’s insight :
Using evidence in HR decision-making: 10 lessons from the COVID-19 crisis
Watch a video and download the slides from our webinar with Rob Briner and David D’Souza discussing what the current crisis can teach HR about becoming more evidence-based

Being evidence-based is at the heart of the CIPD’s new Profession Map and a vital skill for all people professionals to develop. What can we as a profession learn from this crisis about making more evidence-based HR decisions?

Evidence-based practice for effective decision-making
Effective HR decision-making is based on considering the best available evidence combined with critical thinking.

Evidence-based practice is about making better decisions, informing action that has the desired impact. An evidence-based approach to decision-making is based on a combination of using critical thinking and the best available evidence. It makes decision makers less reliant on anecdotes, received wisdom and personal experience – sources that are not trustworthy on their own. It’s important that people professionals to adopt this approach because of the huge impact management decisions have on the working lives and well being of people in all sorts of organisations worldwide.

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