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Apr 05, 2023

Assessment brief
On Monday morning Saroj places anadvertisement on a Facebook selling page stating,‘Genuine Pandora bracelet, complete with 12 charms,excellent condition,£300’.On Monday evening Paul sees the advertisement and sends a message to Saroj stating ‘I would love to buy this for my daughter, I can give you £250 for the bracelet’. Saroj replies ‘sorry, the charm salone cost more than that, I could offer it to you for £285–call the number on the advertisement by 5 pm on Wednesday if you would like to buy the bracelet. I won’t sell it to any one else before then’.
4LW003 Contract Law Assignment-Wolverhampton University UK.

Paul does some research and realises that £285 is an excellent price for the bracelet and calls Saroj on the number provided in the advertisement. Saroj does not answer so Paul leaves a voice mail to say he would like to accept the offer.How ever,Saroj’s son deletes the voice mail by accident with out her hearing the message. On Wednesday morning Saroj mentions the bracelet to her friend Gemma who offers her £300 for the bracelet which Saroj accepts. Unknown to Saroj, Paul is Gemma’s next- door neighbour–Paul is furious when he bumps into Gemma on Wednesday lunch time and she shows him her new bracelet that she has pur chased from Saroj.

Paul immediately writes a letter to Saroj and posts in in the letter box at 3 pm on Wednesday. At 4.30 pm Saroj sends Paul a message advising the bracelet is no longer for sale.She is confused to receive the letter of acceptance on Thursday. Please advised Saroj whether she has a binding contract with Paul to sell him the bracelet.

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