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Apr 03, 2023

Module Code & Title :-  5EC010 Macroeconomic Theory And Policy
Assessment Type :-  Assignment
Word count :- 2,400 words excluding references
Assessment brief
ANSWER to ALL questions and to each part of the following questions.
1. Describe the IS relation and define the LM curve.
Explain under which assumptions the LM curve is upward sloping or a simple horizontal line.
Assume there is an increase in government spending and a decrease in the interest rate: using a graph discuss its effect on:
(1) the IS curve
(2) the LM curve
(3) the final output
5EC010 Macroeconomic Theory And Policy Assignment – UK

2. Analyze how the Solow growth model defines and measures economic growth.
Discuss the causes of economic growth that occurred in the past fifty years in an OECD country of your choice and outline how well the theory explains the causes of economic growth in that country.

3. Discuss the different types of unemployment and the costs associated with it both for individuals and the society. Compare two European countries with double digit youth un employment rate and assess the impact of Covid-19 crisis on those labor markets.

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