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Apr 03, 2023

Unit Code : 5K7V0024
Unit Title : AI and Machine Learning: Business Application
Assignment Title : Identification of use cases for machine learning and use of appropriate machine learning techniques
Individual Assignment Task: Individual written report based on a case study requiring initial analysis of potential applications of machine learning in a business scenario.
5K7V0024 AI And Machine Learning Business Application Assignment – UK.

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed :
On successful completion of this unit students will be able to:
1.Explain what AI is, distinguishing between the main categories of machine learning, and giving examples of practical applications in each category.
2.Implement a simple classification machine learning algorithm
3.Evaluate the possible benefits of potential machine learning approaches to solving a range of business problems, considering risk and ethics.

Early Career Professional Skills Developed:
This assignment will help further develop your critical analysis and critical thinking skills in terms of practical decision making as well as enhancing your written communication skills essential for employ ability and life-long learning. It will also enhance your knowledge relating to the application of cutting-edge innovations in business practice.

Assignment Details and Instructions :
Overview : Students must select a ‘real world’ business organisation as a case study on which to focus their report for this assessment. It is entirely up to the student as to which organisation they choose. They must then consider potential use cases for implementation of machine learning in that business context.

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